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Made for animals - tested on humans

We’re serious; our entire product range was trialled on humans long before it went near any animal.

Each and every product has been carefully formulated.  No lab testing on animals, and no ingredients used that we wouldn't touch with our bare hands.

All products are used on us, our family and friends and their dogs during development. So before we ask for volunteers to trial our products on their precious pets we are confident it works - we just need help getting the smell, feel and experience just right.

We use independent laboratories to test our products and it seems that every day we get more feedback from owners who've had exceptional results using WashBar products.


Rest assured the only ‘lab’ testing we do is with our team of volunteers – like Kara. She’s a blonde lab who gave our Original WashBar Soap for Dogs the tail wag of approval.

Not just for pets, our range works for people too

“Can it be used on people?” We get asked this all the time, and the answer is Yes.

People have many of the same skin issues as animals. We discovered early on that our products are just as safe and effective for humans as well as animals.

Our range has helped owners who suffer adverse effects from conventional shampoo and coat care products including dermatitis, redness, itching and eczema.

We consistently get feedback from customers who are amazed at how well the products work, not just for their pet, but for themselves too. WashBar is now in showers and bathrooms all over the world.

“Not only did I try WashBar on the dogs, but I also tried it on myself … as the folks at WashBar said, it's good for anyone who suffers from Psoriasis so I thought since I do, I will try it. WOW no more itching after just one application!  I used it for the whole week and had people not only say my hair was shiny but my scalp has actually stopped itching and the bumps have also reduced.

WashBar, I think you have found a miracle cure!”

- Julie, Vanity Fur Dog Groomers, Wellington