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Groomers & Pet Salons

Our Lavender+Primrose and Neem Fresh Natural Shampoos are available in 5L groomer packs for professional grooming salons.

Our shampoos:

  • leave the coat deeply cleaned and condition, yet soft and manageable for fine scissoring
  • are suitable for dogs and cats of all breeds
  • are kind to the environment - 100% biodegradable
  • are packed full of natural goodness and beautifully scented with healthy, healing essential oils

Neem Fresh is a natural, non-toxic flea shampoo. If, as a groomer, you are concerned about prolonged exposure to flea shampoos, this product is an ideal alternative that you won't need to wear gloves for.

If you are a groomer and would like trade prices and to set up an account, please contact us.


“I have been using WashBar products on my own show dogs with amazing results over the past two years. Having a harsh coated Terrier breed it has been a challenge to find an appropriate product that enhances the natural texture of coats rather than altering it due to the chemical component found in other grooming products. It is with pleasure I now offer my grooming clientele a natural product that delivers more than an amazing finish to their dogs coats. WashBar also treats skin irritations that may occur during the grooming process when de-matting or irritations such as hot spots that are present due to allergies and environmental factors that I come across when grooming and my regular client’s now have no issues with parasites such as fleas when they are groomed regularly with WashBar, in fact my own pack has not had to have external treatment for fleas for over 12 months. I have complete confidence when my client’s leave that their grooming has been a natural and positive experience leaving coats with a true rather than artificial glow and show ready fragrance that even the most seasoned judges appreciate. I have not found a variety of coat type that WashBar does not only clean but improve all round condition of and I will not look to find a magic product anywhere else as WashBar is THE answer to all grooming needs.”

Nadine Steele – Muts’R’Us – Most Unique Souls Dog Training and All Breed Grooming
May 2014