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Success Stories

We think our products are something pretty special. But don’t just take our word for it….

We get loads of feedback from owners telling us how much they love using our products and about the great results they get (which we love by the way).

Meet Kevin:
65kg, very hairy, a little slobbery, with major skin problems ...

Life isn’t much fun when you’re allergic to beef, a few grass varieties and dust mites. The side effects from Kevin's steroid medication needed to manage his condition were taking all the fun out of life. Not to mention a hefty whack out of his owners wallet.
That was until WashBar made life a whole lot more comfortable. Now the skin problem is under control and he’s off the pills.
After one wash with WashBar Horse & Hound Shampoo Bar Kevin was able to go 72 hours with no medication at all – not bad for a dog with skin problems so bad that he needed sedating to calm him down on more than one occasion. Washing with WashBar Horse & Hound Shampoo Bar helped get his skin under control and Kevin is now completely off steroids. And a far happier dog, naturally.

His owner Briana says “Kevin is doing well! I find it amazing that after so long and so much money a simple bar of natural soap is proving to the be the solution!! Kevin is a new dog off all the medication he was on”.

 “Washing the horses was an important part of our training process and greatly befitted the wild horses in their early days of handling. Since discovering WashBar Horse & Hound we have been using it on our Kaimanawas and have it ready to use on our horses from the 2014 muster... We love that it’s all natural, can be used on horses straight out of the wild, doesn’t strip their coats like other products and we have had great success with it and are excited to see the difference in our newly mustered Kaimanawas!”
The Wilson Sisters, Showtym Sport Horses/Keeping up with the Kaimanawas, Whangarei

“As a dog groomer I can only sell a product I believe in.  I did a trial with WashBar Neem Shampoo on a wee Westie called Poppy and both myself and her owner were amazed at the results after only 4 washes!  Every week Lizzie bought Poppy to me to have a bath and blow dry using only WashBar Neem Shampoo and WashBar Horse & Hound Bar.  Over the course of the 4 weeks we noticed that the coat was shiny and the skin started to significantly improve … Not only that, and what amazed Poppy's owner the most was that the fur on the tail which was falling out actually started to grow back and was thick!   This product speaks for itself! It works and my customers love it! Try it, you won’t be disappointed!
Julie, Vanity Fur Dog Groomers, Wellington

I sent my hubby to the vet to buy (a commercial show brand) shampoo to wash the calf with. He came home with WashBar Neem Shampoo. I must say I was mad. But have had to eat my words. WashBar is awesome for calves and ours looked the shiniest at calf club.”
Renee, Northland

“Since I was introduced to Washbar, my GSD Bella's itching has been reduced dramatically! She was suffering from hot spots and 'river itch' and my feed stockist suggested I try it. Best thing since sliced bread if you ask me!

I then lent it to my friend to try on her cocker spaniel who has really suffered with fleas this season. After washing him once, Blue's skin was noticeably less irritated and within two weeks he was flea free and happy. I really just wanted to say thank you for such an amazing product, I have recommended you to every dog person I know! It's nice to use a natural product that works for a change! Many thanks”
Shelley, Cambridge

“Honey (one of my wee dogs) has a skin condition called malassezia which makes her smelly, and WashBar is brilliant on her skin. She seems to love it too, stands in a trance while I wash her.”
Mary, NZ

“Just a quick note to say that we have used your products – Original WashBar Soap and your 100% Natural Flea Repellent - and find them the best we have ever used. Keep on doing what you’re doing so well....producing super products.”
David, Auckland

“Was horrified yesterday to find that two of my Kune Kune pigs that I had lent out had come back home with Pig Lice!!!  The only product I had to treat any form of external parasite was Jess’s WashBar Flea Repellent! So on it went - in a line down their backs and almost immediately the Lice were running around – this morning all dead! So there you go not only treats dog fleas but also Pig Lice! Handy for those lifestyle block owners with the odd Kune Kune in the back yard."
Anna, Nelson